The Drannan Forkula (R) Tongs are The Only BBQ Tool You Need. This Clever Tool Replaces the Silly BBQ Tool Set.


At last, A MUCH BETTER WAY to Turn Grilled Foods!

The Forkula® Tongs,
Registered in the United States Patent and Trademark Office,
is the First BBQ Tool Designed to Work With Your Grill..

 The Forkula Tines Glide THROUGH the Grill And UNDER the meat
for easy turning!

The Forkula BBQ Tongs work perfectly on grills with wire racks made of parallel rods
including most Weber Grills.

The Forkula opens to about 4 inches and closes completely so virtually anything you
can grill can be turned easily. The Forkula tongs works great for turning hamburgers,
grilled chicken, fish, hot dogs, steaks, chops, and vegetables--even thin onion
slices without risk of dropping them through the rack

The Forkula is  made of 100% 18/8 Stainless Steel to last a lifetime.
The Forkula
tongs will never rust. You can washthem by hand in seconds or just pop
them in your dishwasher.
They ares 16 inches long to keep your hand away from the heat.

The Forkula tongs are $15.00. Shipping/handling is $5.00 for one Forkula tongs
by First Class Mail.
Shipping for ADDITIONAL Forkula Tongs ordered at the same
time are an
additional $1.00 each. Shipping outside U.S.A. is the actual cost.

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wonderful and surprising 
cooking invention,
the Waterbroile®-WaterRoaster™ Cookware Pan.

This amazing pan is  such a cooking
breakthrough that Pierre Franey gave it
a rave review in The New York Times saying
"it works wonderfully not only for
broiling but for a variety of things."
Over 1000 cooks and a few chefs have written
to praise this pan.  In fact, based upon these unpaid testimonials, this simple looking
cooking pan is The Most Highly Praised, Most Lovable Cooking Pan Ever Created.

This revolutionary cookware invention puts an end to dirty broiling and roasting
as you know it. You can now broil six hamburgers UNDER your oven broiler
OR roast a 10 pound turkey IN your oven with virtually NO SMOKE!

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